I started this capstone project in a totally different direction. I wanted to produce a series of videos about the behind the scenes life of college football players. My inspiration for this series is from HBO’s Hark Knock, which is a behind the scenes look at a NFL football training camp. The series that I was going to produce would show college athletes in every aspect social, academic, and athletic.

The idea of the series was pitched to the athletic director and the head coach of the football team. After two weeks of deliberating, they decided to reject the idea. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Therefore, I had to come up with another idea. I knew I wanted to still do something with sports. Since time was becoming an issue I knew I needed to stick to a project was my strength. I spoke with Daniel Wyar, Assistant Director of Media Relations – Athletics, and Jonathan Miller, Assistant Athletics Director/Director of the Phoenix Club, and we came with an idea of me making info graphic for the Phoenix Club. The Phoenix Club provides scholarship to student athletes so they can succeed not only on the field but in the classroom.  From this meeting I had an idea to combine both of my loves, sports and design, and create an Infographic and other promotional material to help promote the Phoenix Club.

I will create a promotional package that showcases the Elon Phoenix Club. The promotional material will display the goals and objectives of the club, the number of scholarships given to athletes, the number of championships won by the sports teams, and the number of engagement the Phoenix Club has made on social networks. The promotional material will be sent out to alumni to encourage them to get involved with the Phoenix Club.

The goal of the project is to visually communicate the growth and impact of the Phoenix Club. Creating Infrographics about the club will increase membership for the club and could attract more support and recognition. My personal goals include expanding on my knowledge of design and marketing through Adobe programs, market research, and management. Achieving these personal goals will allow me to have more skills that are attractive to potential employers.

Through my research, I can see a few challenges. First, I have to be able to get the necessary information to tell the story I want. For the info graphics to work there needs to be growth in the Phoenix Club and in the athletic department. I will need cooperation from the media and athletic department at Elon. In addition, I need my graphics to be good enough to be placed on the website.

In regards to the design portion of the project, I feel comfortable laying out a basic Infographic. I hope to advance enough in my skills to build a design heavy graphic that is appealing and user friendly. I feel comfortable with the support I have from the Elon athletic and media department as well as my professors that I will complete the project.

Capstone Project Analysis

Assessment of needs

The project that I am building is for me as well for a client. I am building an Infographic that shows the growth of Elon University (i.e. buildings, acres, faculty & staff population) and how that directly relationships to the growth of Elon Athletics. I am going to need the statically data of how Elon has grown and advanced over the years. This data will include the growth of Scholarships given to students and student athletes, money given to the university,

This project has the capabilities to be used in promotional packages for Elon athletics and for Elon’s booster club, the Elon Phoenix Club. I think the Infographic is not a need for either department but will greatly add to the promotional package for each. Boosters can show alumni that the more money you donate and help rise its positively affecting the University. This will inspire alumni to that are already donating to continue and encourage other alumni to get involved as well.

When looking at other Info graphics projects done there are a multitude of elements that I want to incorporate into my project. From looking at Brandy Mu’s project, which has an intro video explaining his project, gave the viewer more freedom to interact with the project. Caitlin Smith Info graphic did not give the user more freedom to explore but explained the story in a streamline project. You have to read each Info graphic in order to understand the entire project.

My project will use the streamline system of telling the story. Since I am explaining how Elon is changing over time, it is better to present this to the viewer in chronological order.

Analysis of target user

The potential viewers of this Infographic are current Elon students, alumni, and boosters. Elon students and alumni will appreciate the Infographic because it will give a visual explanation of how their university has evolved over the years. For incoming or perspective Elon students the Info graphic will be educational and entraining.

Since my audience will involve expert and novice technology individuals, the technology level of the interface of the Info graphic is going to be simple but have strong graphics to depict my story. The easiest way to present this information is going to be through a sequence and streamline Info graphic. The viewer will be able to follow the story easily and still interact.

Analysis of context/environment

For my project, I do not know how I will build the content. The best way to build my project might be in Flash. However, I know with Flash there is difficulty in presenting it, i.e. not compatible with apple devices, and slows down the bandwidth of browsers.


As a Phoenix Club donor, you provide annual scholarship support that enables student athletes to succeed not only in the Southern Conference, but also in the classroom. Your gifts have an immediate impact on the entire athletics program and on each of our student-athletes. When the Phoenix Club first began, Elon was 40 scholarships below the maximum allowed by the NCAA. Thanks to people like you and many others, Elon has narrowed that gap to 32 scholarships.


Contributors to athletics have been among Elon’s most generous benefactors, providing the university with excellent facilities, which have attracted outstanding coaches. Scholarship support is the remaining component to ensure that Elon
sustains a winning tradition. To be successful, the Phoenix Club needs to raise $1.2 million dollars to fund scholarship needs. With your commitment, Elon can meet this important challenge.

Old Promotional Material 

 New Promotional Material 

Email Marketing 

Mobile App

Online Banner Advertisement

Website Mockup

Membership Info Graphics 

The first info graphic I created is for membership. It explains the purpose of the Elon Phoenix Club, which is to bring scholarships to Elon athletics to help with recruitment of competitive players. The club has a set goal to raise 1.2 millions dollars each year to provide scholarships for all athletes. My info graphic shows the many benefits of being a member of the club and the increase in membership from year to year.

 Scholarship Info Graphic

My second info graphic focuses on scholarship. It shows how the funds from the Elon Phoenix Club are being used in the athletic program. It goes into greater detail by depicting how many players on each team get the scholarship awards.  It also shows how the monetary gifts from the Elon Phoenix Club provide assistance with capital projects such as the gym baseball park, and football field renovations.

Athletics Info Graphic

My third info graphic is athletics, which shows the growth of the Elon athletic program. It depicts the division one championships Elon athletics have won in each sport. It also shows the increase in attendance for each sport.

Athletics Info Graphic

My fourth info graphic connects Alumni, present, and future Phoenix students through social media and the Elon Phoenix Club. The purpose of this particular info graphic is to promote the Live the Maroon Life campaign. The Facebook and Twitter page creates the connection for the campaign. My info graphic encourages past, present, and future Phoenix student  to get involved with the Elon Phoenix Club by informing, interacting, and engaging potential members though social media.


The info graphics can be found on the Elon Phoenix Club website.


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