The artworks I create are a visual expression of beauty that stimulates the intellect, reflects on the social and cultural context, records experience, and protest injustice. As a graphic designer, I consider myself to be an artist, a writer, a communicator, an educator, an organizer, and a thought-provoker. I find great liberty in the ability to choose any media, format, and concept that I believe can best convey idea, vision, or concept.

I design my illustrations with contemplating structures of composition with image and typography. My design process helps individuals identify who they are, their uniqueness and intention for their business. Gaining an understanding of their goals helps me create visuals that convey an effective message, represents the personality of the business and a memorable identity. I combine my unique skills, experience, and sense of aesthetics to any design solution.

What I love most about creating art is getting charged-up about an idea/concept, translating experience into imagery, when the work comes together as a whole and portrays what I am trying to say, and especially if it makes a social impact on the viewer. An artist that influences my work is Andy Warhol. His work of commercial illustration was brilliant. He made his subjects in his illustrations come to life with simplicity.

I have been involved in the Annual Spring exhibition at the Dudley University Gallery at North Carolina A&T State University. I am also apart of the Art Circle organization on campus. Some courses I have taken are Visual Design, Advertising Design, Interactive Media Strategies, Interactive Writing and Design, Typography, Interactive Arts, Motion Arts, and Multimedia and Videography.

-Matthew Duncan
Interactive Media/Product Management


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