Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan










My name is Matthew Duncan and I recently graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a B.S. in Visual Media Design. I am currently attending Elon University and pursing a degree in M.A. in Interactive Media. I am a natural-born leader, organizer, and communicator. With every project that I do I bring creativity, passion, dedication, and vision. I have the ability to motivate and facilitate others in my work environment while moving my coworkers towards our goals. My specialties include design & development, branding & identity, marketing & advertising, strategic planning & management. My career goals include working as a product manager/creative director for a PR Company or Ad agency.

As a student at my universities I have displayed great leadership by being president of multiple organizations. During my duration as president of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Aggies club I oversaw 105 members, supervised and organized all events, programs, and executive meetings. I lead the organization to create fundraiser initiatives that supported the local homeless. As president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I expanded the chapter’s outreach in the community to local high schools by employing a mentoring program for young males ages 5-13. Under High Chair to Higher Education, I mentored at risk males in the 9th grade once a week. By being a nationally recognized mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, assisting projects with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering with the local YMCA, and organizing canned food and clothing drives with the Urban Ministry Foundation, I have applied myself in numerous ways.

In addition to my leadership roles, I have had an active involvement in my field. I have worked in numerous ways to better my skills starting early on in high school to master my craft. In during so, I have taken on different opportunities. I serve as a production assistant Elon’s Phoenix football production stuff. In that position I am responsible for setting up production and camera equipment and assisting with instant replay and live edits of the football games. In addition to that business I also designed all publications and advertisements, (i.e. flyers, banners, t-shirts, logos, and business cards), for the Metropolitan Aggies and Alpha Phi Alpha. I have also designed publications for Dudley University Galleries, worked as lead designer for the Student Government Association, and designed publications for the fall 2008 Homecoming. Furthermore I was on the design team for the Ayantee Yearbook where I managed distribution of yearbook publications (years 2006–2008) to a mass of people ensuring customer satisfaction.

It is my goal to combine my loves of strategic planning and design into a career as a creative producer.


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