Advertising has definitely evolved over the years. This is because new technology has changed the way we communicate with each other. The Engagement Model Theory explains that advertisers use to communicate in a lateral way. The advertisers communicate to the consumer with little to no feedback of how the consumer felt about the product or company. Then we grew into a bi-lateral communication in which, the company communicate to the consumer but the consumer could also communicate back to the company. An example of this is customer service representatives and other customer support staff. Now everyone company is trying to reach lateral engagement.

Lateral engagement is better known as earned advertising by word of mouth through your trusted circle of peers and friends. The communication in this model is like a circle. The company has created a community where they can interact with their customers, other businesses in the industry, and have open dialogue about anything. Social media way one you can achieve lateral engagement. With platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Youtube companies and interact with their consumers and more importantly consumers and interact with consumers.

Every company has different targets, goals, tactics, and they are using social media for. However, for everyone using social media it provides unprecedented opportunity for networking and community building. Here are some tips/examples of how you should be using social media for Twitter & Facebook.


  • Tweeting- posting a comment (less than 140 characters) to your followers.  This includes posting a link to your news stories or any other pertinent information.  To preserve characters, shortens url links.
  • Retweeting/Replying- retweeting posts someone else’s tweet to all of your followers.  Replying to a tweet will go to your followers and will address the author of the original tweet.  Both of these techniques can help to gain followers and create buzz.
  • Mentions- by using the @ symbol followed by someone’s twitter handle, will increase your chances of being found via search.  In addition, the person you mentioned will see the tweet.
  • Trending- trending results when enough twitter users are discussing a specific topic designated with an ex. #ShapeUpNC.



  • Facebook provides another platform for you to both host information and interact with your network. Facebook will serve as an extension of when it comes to content.
  • Because Twitter is best optimized for microblogging (less than 140 characters), Facebook will provide a place to post more in depth information and news about successes of the organization.
  • As previously mentioned, to best optimize Facebook, it is necessary to reply to comments and remain active and current. Interact with your fans with wall post, surveys, & games.
  • Facebook presents an excellent opportunity to present news and activities of the foundation in a very effective and efficient way. Upload photos and videos of content as well.