ShapeUp NC: Social Media Strategy Proposal


Create a successful social media marketing campaign for ShapeUp NC to encourage residents of North Carolina to get more exercise.


ShapeUp NC wants to build connections between North Carolina residences that exercise on the daily bases. The easiest way to engage consumers and get them to engage each other is social media. ShapeUp NC needs to use the Engagement Model Theory.

This theory promotes vertical engagement (business -> <- consumer), and lateral engagement (consumer -> <- consumer) to promote user-generated content, support for the community (profit/volunteer base), ensure that virtual communication is translated into real-life action (residents actually exercise as a result of their social media interactions).

Who they are?

Shape Up NC is a non-profit organization made up of North Carolina employers, health planners, and other organizations. Its main goal is to work together with the shared goal of a building a healthier state. ShapeUp NC wants to invite all residents of the state to join its annual wellness challenge in which teams compete to exercise, lose weight, and achieve our personal health goals. ShapeUp NC believes that working together motivates all of us, hold us accountable, and makes being healthy fun.

Do they use social media?

ShapeUpNC does not currently use any social media platforms. Ideally, the campaign that I came up with will be used in these three interactions:

(B2C) Business to Consumer-Refers to how the business relays information to its consumer. ShapeUpNC should not be just blasting information at the consumer blasting this platform as a conversation tool between the two.

(B2B) Business to Business-Refers to how the business trade and interacts with other businesses.  ShapeUpNC should connect with other businesses to form partnerships with them so that they can better enrich the experiences of their fans. Sharing information from other business and offering health & fitness specials from other business will increase business for both parties.

(P2P) Peer to Peer- Refers to the interaction that customers have with other customers. I hope that this campaign will change consumption into interaction. ShapeUpNC should encourage interaction through incentives. It should also generate a since of “belonging” for the user, enticing the consumer to interact rather than observe. Once your brand is builds buzz and your customers promote you then you know that you have become successful.

When, Where, How?

The ShapeUp NC social media strategy encourages a since of community and belonging as they interact and exercise with each other. These interactions are going to take place at the gym, at home, or on the Go. Typically, users use social media on their smart phones and personal computers. They will use social media to communicate with friends and family. Through competitions and online interaction with the organization, NC residents will become members of the ShapeUp NC social circle.

Are they influenced by users of social media?

Users of social media platforms influence the target groups of this social media campaign. ShapeUp NC goal is to create an online community where people who want to exercise tougher can come share ideas, goals, and tips for each other.

What attitudes and knowledge should consumers of the media hold?  What knowledge should they have?

The audience should have a positive attitude towards exercise and a willingness to participate in activities. They should know what benefits could come from exercising and participating in the ShapeUp NC program. They should have a strong sense of team building and social activity and social media.

The audience should have an idea of what they want to get out of working out and should know how they plan on accomplishing their goals through activities. Social media can also help with developing a routine, and encouraging longevity in an exercise plan. They should also know their personal limits with exercise and activity.

Social Media Platforms- Strategy/Use of Each Platform


  • Tweeting- posting a comment (less than 140 characters) to your followers.  This includes posting a link to your news stories or any other pertinent information.  To preserve characters, shortens url links.
  • Retweeting/Replying- retweeting posts someone else’s tweet to all of your followers.  Replying to a tweet will go to your followers and will address the author of the original tweet.  Both of these techniques can help to gain followers and create buzz.
  • Mentions- by using the @ symbol followed by someone’s twitter handle, will increase your chances of being found via search.  In addition, the person you mentioned will see the tweet.
  • Trending- trending results when enough twitter users are discussing a specific topic designated with an ex. #ShapeUpNC.


  • Facebook provides another platform for you to both host information and interact with your network. Facebook will serve as an extension of when it comes to content.
  • Because Twitter is best optimized for microblogging (less than 140 characters), Facebook will provide a place to post more in depth information and news about successes of the organization.
  • As previously mentioned, to best optimize Facebook, it is necessary to reply to comments and remain active and current. Interact with your fans with wall post, surveys, & games.
  • Facebook presents an excellent opportunity to present news and activities of the foundation in a very effective and efficient way. Upload photos and videos of content as well.


  • Foursquare is a location based social networking service. It allows you to share your location with friends.
  • When you walk into a gym or fitness center, you “check-in” (Foursquare’s term) on your cellphone or mobile device, and your friends will see where you are on a foursquare map.
  • It is also a game, of sorts. You earn points and “badges” for checking-in frequently, or at a certain time. If you raise enough points, you become “mayor” of a certain area.
  • Allows users to link check-in information to their friends and followers on Facebook & Twitter. Partner with Foursquare and Businesses to offer discounts & specials.



  • YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch, and share originally created videos.
  •  YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small
  • Upload health & nutrition tips videos. Upload workout videos to give people ideas of what they should do in the gym. Link these videos to other social media platforms (i.e. Twitter & Facebook.)



  • A blog is a type of website or part of website on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.
  • Blogs are important because it allows readers to leave comments in an interactive format.
  • On the ShapeUpNC blog write about health & nutrition tips and examples of workouts. Post group workout events that occur around North Carolina.



When companies start a social media campaign, they never start with realistic vision. Everyone wants to increase followers or fans but they do not know how. When starting a campaign it is your business has to establish goal and objectives are for this campaign from the start. When you have targets that you are trying to reach, you start by specifying value assigned to an objective within a timeframe. Here are the target objectives that ShapeUp NC is trying to reach on each social media platform:


  • 50+ followers a month
  • Increase interaction between business and consumer.
  • Have users Retweet your content.
  • Becoming a trending topic in North Carolina with #ShapeUpNC



  • Obtain 250 Likes on Facebook.
  • Get 100 Fans on Facebook.
  • Increase interaction between business and consumer.
  • Have users post your content on their wall.



  • Check-in at during workouts at least once a day.
  • Encourage group check-ins at fitness centers.
  • Upload photos during check-ins.
  • Share check-ins to Facebook & Twitter.


  • Obtain 100 subscribes to Youtube Channel.
  • Post over 10 videos
  • Obtain 2 advertisers
  • Reach over 2,000 views



After creating your target goals in a social media campaign, you have to establish methods that will be used to execute the strategy. Here are the tactics that are used to achieved the objectives that ShapeUp NC is trying to reach on each social media platform:


  • Tweeting at minimum 4 times a day
  • Responding to follower tweets
  • Tweeting & Retweeting pictures from health events
  • Tweet with #ShapeUpNC
  • Retweeting health & workout tweets


  • Post relevant content containing too health & fitness.
  • Respond to comments made by fans.
  • Start photo and video album of workout & health tips.
  • Link back to blog and website.



  • Claim a Venue
  • Start a Campaign
  • Offer Specials
  • Give Something Small Away


  • Establish a Youtube Channel
  • Post over 10 videos of workout tips
  • Offer Specials

Staff support needed for this

Social Media Department:

Social Media Manager:

  • Researched trends in social media field.
  • Active blogger with wealth of knowledge in technology and PR background.
  • Would queue up scheduled tweets in advance.
  • Would need to manage LinkedIn groups.

Social Media Editor:

  • Strong writing and marketing skills.
  • Needs to be available during normal business hours to respond to tweets and retweet pertinent information.
  • Would help organize group competitions


Potential Tweets:

Health Tips/Nutrition Facts

When eating healthy make sure you read the food labels. Know that calorie free actually means less than 5 calories. #ShapeUpNC

Eat breakfast & smaller meals throughout the day. Small meals will keep your energy up and your metabolism going.

Its vital to know with every diet there are specific reduced risk. A high fiber diet=a reduced risk of cancer. #ShapeUpNC

Orange juice, Diet Soda, Silk Milk, Wheat Whole Grain are actually the foods that prevent you from burning fat!

Healthy Eating Pyramid is a simple, trustworthy guide to choosing a healthy diet. #ShapeUpNC


Need a daily ab routine in the gym. Sign up for @RandomAbs alerts about what you should be doing in the gym. #ShapeUpNC

@WebMD recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate/intensity physical activity, such as walking, on most days of the week. #marchtofitness

If you only have about 20-30 minutes a day to exercise, he is a great workout for you. #marchtofitness #ShapeUpNC

Checks out our blog on how sex can be the best exercise you get all day. #ShapeUpNC

If you can’t make it to the gym today then here is a 5 min workout you can do in your home. #marchtofitness


Success Story: Check out @MensFitness article on how one man lost 150 pounds in one year.

Tweet before and after weight loss pictures. We want to see how you the progress you are making. #ShapeUpNC #marchtofitness

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. -Mahatma Gandhi #ShapeUpNC #marchtofitness

What are some workouts that you do with proven results? #ShapeUpNC #marchtofitness

A Must See Motivation Video: How Bad Do You Want It? (Success). Let us know what you think about this video.

Community Events

Check out Center City Park in GSO, NC. There fitness by the fountain program has great activities to keep you in shape.

Flying Colors Sports in Charlotte, NC presents the GREAT AMAZING RACE to build healthier & more active families

Let us know health & fitness activities that are happening in your community. #ShapeUpNC #marchtofitness

Wilmington, NC is hosting a diabetes awareness & fitness event. With Yoga, P90X, & more this is a great 4 you & family.

Get in shape and make a difference at the same time. Burlington, NC is hosting Tata Trot 5k walk for breast cancer.


Want to track your daily activity? Nike+ FuelBand tracks your activity and allows you to turn every day into a game.

What are some apps that you use while you are running? #ShapeUpNC #marchtofitness

RunKeeper App makes tracking your workouts fun, social, & easy to understand so that you can improve the quality of your fitness. Try it now

Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows you work out and listen to music easier than either. Check it out now. #ShapeUpNC

Check out our blog on 5 ways to use technology to hit your fitness goals. #ShapeUpNC