To have a successful commercial you need great visual and audio components. Here are some examples of commercials:

Verizon Dead Zones- Creepy Lady

The Verizon Wireless Drop Zone campaign is one of the best campaigns in the last decade. The video commercials, audio advertisements, and print ads are all cohesive and portray the brand very well.  Verizon’s drop zone commercials have great visual and audio aspects. Each commercial in the campaign depicts a moment where the main character is stopped by a complete stranger and warned to stay away from a certain area because they would have no reception.

One of the examples out of their campaign that is strong in audio is the Verizon Dead Zone Creepy Lady. The commercials sound effects set the mood very well.  It is audio’s ability to capture the intangible experience of a moment that makes it challenging and important (Saidi, 2010). From the ambient sounds to the emotion behind human words, recordings can capture powerful moments for eternity (Saidi, 2010). The wind blowing, the piano, chimes in the background, and the soft whispering of the dialogue between characters demonstrate the creepy and scary mood of the commercial.

Saidi, N. (2010). iReport boot camp: Painting pictures with sound.

SNICKERS Peanut Butter Squared – “Focus Group”

Adweek chose this Snickers focus group commercial as one of the best ten commercials of 2011. Tim Nudd describes the Snickers spot from BBDO as sick and twisted but brilliant because it has strong visual and audio features. In the commercial a focus group of sharks discuss their human taste test. The deciding factor is the human that had just eaten the Snickers Peanut Butter Square tasting better than the human that had just eaten a peanut butter cup. Tim Nudd points out the stunning CGI and voice work but I credit most of the genius to the voice work in this commercial. The voice work is cartoony, funny, and witty.

DIRECTV – “Don’t Have a Grandson with a Dog Collar”

DIRECTV has arguable the best campaign right now. The audio is just as strong as the visual in these commercials. The best part of the audio in this commercial is the voice over. Visual presentation shows what’s going on through the eyes, but audio accompanies it and makes an emotional connection to the video (Saidi, 2010).  The narrator portrays the scenario of what is happening. This commercial is trying to portray a serious message but in a joking manner. The actual script is funny and witty but the voice over tone is very serious. They want you to understand that DIRECTV is the best and every other cable service is not as good.  The sound effects in the background set the scene. These sound effects add to the atmosphere of the commercial.

Saidi, N. (2010). iReport boot camp: Painting pictures with sound.