It seems that older adults age 30-49 are more concern with privacy settings then younger adults age 18-29. But younger adults change their privacy settings on higher rate then older adults. Is this because younger adults know how to navigate Facebook and change their privacy settings more than older adults or older adults may not see the need to change their settings because the activity they are uploading to Facebook is not dimensioning to their character or personal brand?

Are the new Facebook features more aware of the users concerns about privacy? With the new Timeline and Ticker feature you are able to allow only certain groups in your friends list to view certain information. But how does this work against application developers? And now that you can use features such as The Like button on almost every page outside of Facebook, Cant Facebook still track your every move anyway?

Can a lot of privacy issues be solved with users just adding information that they want to be seen? If everyone acted professional on these social media platforms then who cares who sees your information?