The ARG that I decided to play was on a site called The game is a Zombie ARG game made by Play Hub. When you first start the game it pulls up a screen that describes that the game has intense graphics so you can run it at low, medium, or high specs. I thought that this was very interesting, because most games don’t allow you to run them at different speeds. If you can not handle the high-speed then you won’t be able to play. This game probably gets more users because of the factor of being able to run at different speeds.

The ARG game is a classic side scrolling game.  This game includes 4 Custom Levels including entertaining graphics and Special Effects Weather (Rain).  There is also bonus level upon completion where you play as a chainsaw wielding zombie and you have 60 seconds to kill as many forensic scientists as you can to add more points to your score. At the end, there is 1 Major boss truck equipped with loads of zombies (Must kill zombie waves and Truck to win).

The goal of the game is pretty easy, kill as may zombies as you can. You are equipped with pistols and machine guns and your goal is to stay alive. You have to see if you can gun down every last one while the zombie apocalypse is among you.

The goal of the project is to entertain. It is not designed to educate. After playing this game I didn’t feel like I learned something new at all. I didn’t even read the instructions of the game. At first I kept dying because I didn’t know how to attack the zombies, but I just kept hitting the keyboard and eventually found the keys. This project did give me a sense of gratification. I died on the first level a couple of times but I never gave up. I knew that this game was a task I could complete so I kept trying.

As McGonigal stated in her book, in games we keep playing them until we accomplish our goal. If this was a real life situation I probably would of gave up after a while if I keep failing at completing the task. But in the game world I felt like I could dominate it. Nothing was going to stop me. I had to change my strategy on how I accomplish my goal but I got it done.