Over the past two weeks we have been using flash to create an interactive map of our career. In during this interactive maps project it just reminded me of  Google Maps so much. Google Maps is probably the most used map service on the net offering basic street maps, terrain maps, satellite images and hybrid view which is a combination of the street maps and satellite images.

So I wanted to look up how Google Map works.he map data you see in Google Maps is compiled by a private company with whom Google have a partnership. This company is called Tele Atlas and they are a world leader in navigation and location-based services. The maps are highly accurate and have been hailed for recording extremely rural areas and mapping the terrain correctly.

Google Maps coordinates with other Google products such as Google Earth. Google Maps is hosted on Google’s website. It has to have a source of flash in it because when you move your mouse over the map it moves with you. It also has a zoom in and zoom out feature. The same feature we are learning with tweening. It is nice to see the techniques we learn in class, applied to the real world.